Whiskey & Soda

Rise Above The Ordinary

There was a time when cocktails had a style and sophistication all their own. When a night out with friends was both an occasion and a celebration in itself, and now this stylish joie de vivre lives again at Whiskey and Soda, the unforgettable lobby bar in the Rand Tower Hotel.


From our delightful selection of small plates to our surprisingly sophisticated menu, dining at Whiskey & Soda is alwaysa tasteful exploration of the culinary arts.


With a full flight of fun, hand-crafted, aviation-themed cocktails, and a retinue of familiar favorites, cocktails at Whiskey & Soda is an experience to be savored and enjoyed.


Whiskey is not just part of our name, it's our passion, and we're proud to offer our guests one of the Twin Cities' most extensive selections of this delightful amber ambrosia.

Happy Hour

Take Happy Hour to lofty new heights at Whiskey & Soda. With hand-crafted cocktails, great wine and beer specials, and deliciously inviting small plate offerings, Happy Hour at Whiskey & Soda is always something to celebrate.

Andy Vyskocil

Chef de Cuisine Andy Vyskocil brings over two decades of culinary experiences to Rand Tower Hotel’s two F&B concepts, Whiskey & Soda and Rand Tower Club.

Whiskey & Soda

What better inspiration for a roaring good time? Named after two lion cubs who lived among the American airmen of WWI’s Lafayette Escadrille, these furry mascots provide a rich, thematic backdrop for their namesake bar — including delightful elements related to the irrepressible Whiskey & Soda themselves.